Thursday, July 28, 2005

All Tied Up in a Pretty Red Bow

well, (un)fortunately, tonight is the airing of the last episode of 'bbb' that i know of. i say fortunate, because in all honesty, it is sad that i actually take time out of my thursday evenings to sit and watch the craziness that is in fact mr. & mrs. b.b. and i say unfortunate because the craziness is so good that i was instantly sucked in and may go withdrawal until it comes out on dvd.

i have caught some of the reruns the past week and some questions have entered my mind.

#1. i wonder, once again, if the mr. & mrs. take part in any of the final edit process. cause i know that i wouldn't want half of what is seen out there in millions of american homes once a week. we all know that there are some issues, hello 'primetime-crack-is-whack-interview' but the aired footage takes it to the next level and then some.

#2. why is the mrs' eyes ALWAYS at half-mass? is that a result of the current subtances which flow through her veins? a result of the substance which ran through her veins once upon a time? a way to only see half of the mr. and rationalize that your life is only half bad?

#3. where the fcuk are you getting all of this $ to blow? or, where the fcuk are you getting all of this $ for the mr. to blow? one of you has a career which died well over a decade ago. as a nephew pointed out ever so brilliantly, 'you used to be famous but you're a nobody now.' and the other one of you hasn't had a successful album this decade. can i come take a pick off your $tree???

#4. when are you going to pull the plate of fries away from the kiddie and get her on a treadmill or better yet, to a therapist?

#5. do you honestly think that it is socially acceptable to act the way you both sometimes act while out in public? or in private with professionals trying to add to your day?

#6. i'll be in the a.t.l. come labor day. can i be a part of the craziness? you entertain me to no end. i lived there for 3 years and never had the pleasure of running into you. i'm on a mission now.

#7. when is the dvd coming out?

i'll sign off by saying, 'please don't disappoint me this evening.' and for those of you who may try to get a hold of me tonight, don't. i'm busy.


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