Thursday, July 14, 2005


last night, i had the pleasure of catching the rerunning of the last two 'being bobby brown' episodes. there was so much craziness that i forgot about which brought me so much joy the second time around. and all i could think as i sat there and watched two adults transcend into a morph of craziness is 'who the hell gives final approval as to what gets shown? are they not part of the edit process? is this really how they want all of america to view them and their lifestyle?'

what i am about to say, remember, is strictly my opinion, and my opinion only.

first of all, i think that when a person knows a camera is watching their every move, they act completely different. we have the traditional 'people begging for $ and being the do-gooder by giving it to them. that's a money shot. then, there is the appreciation of people who actually follow my sorry-tired-has-been-arse. trying to be funny is another one. and my last observation which falls into this catagory is why in the hell you'd want to show all of america how much you drink? and be proud of it?

secondly, as a whole, they are a pretty violent, disrespectful family. the chubby-soon-to-be-in-therapy-daughter hits daddy when he annoys her. if i even so much as raised my pinky finger to either of my parents, i'd have the wooden spoon shoved so far up my ass, i wouldn't know what hit me. the crack-is-whack-it's-love-when-my-husband-sticks-his-hand-up-my-ass-to-get-my-shit-out-wife shoves her fist in hubby's face whenever he acts like an a-hole. is it no wonder daddy is always in jail and was charged with beating his wife? isn't there a saying that goes something like 'you become a product of your environment?'

and am i the only one who thinks there is a problem with the fact that everytime daddy has to go to another hearing to determine whether or not he will be coming home that evening the child stays home from school? and that the parents, you know, the adults, find that funny and laugh about it? at the rate daddy is going, this child faces the possability of being left back.

my last question on this subject is 'where the fcuk are they getting all of this $$$ to blow on legal fees, shopping sprees and acting crazy? hubby's solo career ended mid-80s and the group he left is still going strong without him. and cracked out wifey hasn't scored a successful album since the late 90s. that could also be because she hasn't recorded since then. what with rehab, tv interviews and court dates getting in the way.

but, tonight is a new episode. new material to think about. and more reasons to realize my life ain't that crazy.


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