Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Awwww, Hell to the NO!

i am a bit behind on this topic. what can i say? life has been kinda busy the past week or so. and besides, i did not have the pleasure of catching up on this topic until this past weekend when i caught a mini-marathon of the previously aired shows. the topic of which i am referring to is the fact that bobby brown has his own reality television show.

now, i will admit that i have seen all 3 episodes to date. and why is that? 2 reasons. the first being that i enjoy seeing what a tragic mess his wife has become. and the second is, like a car wreck, i cannot stop looking away. this is often how it happens. tell me there is a marathon on in which i can catch up in one afternoon and i am hooked.

so, here are my thoughts for this show. in all honesty, i do not giving a flying fcuk what is or has become of mr. brown. i want to see how crazy he has made his wife. i sat my lazy ass on my couch and watched as this once-talented-seems-like-a-beautiful-person bitched and complained that she was recognized and almost criticized people (a.k.a her few remaining fans) for recognizing her and wanted to express some genuine interest in her existence. wake up honey. these are the people who have stood by you, watched as your hubby went to jail again. and again. and again. and again. and again. the same people who supported you as you entered rehab not once, but twice. guess the first time was just a trial run. the same people who watched as your husband beat you as you remained by his side. the same people who have seen you through all your craziness. let us not forget the ever-so-famous 'crack is wack' comment on primetime tv. the least you could do is be grateful that they are still sticking by and have not tossed you into the 'has-been' pile. just ask rosie what that feels like.

speaking only for myself...i saw you in concert years ago at radio city music hall. sitting in the fifth row and being able to smell the booze the few times you actually opened your mouth to sing was enough for me to abandon your following. fortunately for me, that was the beginning of your craziness. your daughter was a newborn, which you so elequently stumbled onstage with her to show those who remained to witness the beginning of the end. that was a definate forshadowing of the many therapy sessions that lay in her future.

and speaking of which. loved the excuse you gave while shopping in london. you know, the reason you had the extra large size of children's jeans in your hand. that's because she's a got daddy'd genes. i am sorry. if my daddy was constantly in jail and my mommy was in and out of rehab, i'd be eatting too. i know i eat when stressed. but, i also work out to balance it all out. and the fact that she ignores daddy whenever she wants to and sides with mommy. i suggest you hold onto those moments before she writes that tell-all book which eventually becomes an emmy-award-winning miniseries.

through thick and thin, i admit that i watch. if anything, the show accomplishes two things and accomplishes them well. the first is that money obviously does not buy you happiness, stability or mental sanity. and second, this family is making themselves the poster campaign for the youth of today. the poster campaign of how to turn your life into a mess. all you have to do is not support your children financially, do drugs, believe that food is the answer and put your craziness out there for the entire world to see.

better you than me. thanx for the craziness, the laughs and more importantly, for making me realize that my life ain't so bad.


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