Thursday, July 21, 2005

Inconsiderate Mo-Fos

i found that i have a very short fuse today. i have attributed it to the fact that it is 97 degrees outside with a heat index making it 102. it is that reason and the fact that there are inconsiderate people everywhere i go which have put me in a very short, crabby mood. and i cannot forget the inconsiderate-barbie-wanna-be-driving-a-toyota-beotch who sparked this post instead of the one i was originally going to do. maybe tomorrow.

back to the inconsiderate-barbie-wanna-be-driving-a-toyota-beotch. so, i stopped by my apartment at lunch to drop something off. this is one of the perks of only living 7 minutes away by car from your place of employment. especially when you have overslept and have a 9 am meeting. anyway, back to the inconsiderate-barbie-wanna-be-driving-a-toyota-beotch. i was pulling out of my parking space which is in a lot behind my apartment building. now, you must visualize this. to get in and out of the lot, you must drive through a one-car-at-a-time alleyway. as i was trying to leave the inconsiderate-barbie-wanna-be-driving-a-toyota-beotch wanted to get into the lot and blocked my way out of the alleyway. so, i sat there and waited to see if she would have the consideration to back up or drive around. which, would allow me to get out and her get into the lot. instead, the inconsiderate-barbie-wanna-be-driving-a-toyota-beotch turned on her left-turn blinker as if i didn't know where she wanted to go. stupid inconsiderate-barbie-wanna-be-driving-a-toyota-beotch. don't inslut my intelligence. what do you expect me to do? hit the button in my car which projects my car up and over yours. so, i motioned the way in which i wanted to go and she motioned back that she wanted to get in. in from where i was trying to get out of. since the air conditioning hadn't completely kicked in on high yet, i aggressively told her to go around and move. after she did so i got a frustrated look in return from the inconsiderate-barbie-wanna-be-driving-a-toyota-beotch. so, i rolled down my window and yelled, 'see. now was that so hard? sorry to inconvenience you.' stupid inconsiderate-barbie-wanna-be-driving-a-toyota-beotch. now, if i were her and saw me coming, i would never have pulled my car up so close and put us in this situation.

so, i thought of some other examples in which people are inconsiderate. and how it gets under my skin. and here they are.

#1. people who talk loudly on their cell phones in public places such as coffee shops, stores, the movies, restaurants and especially the gym. i do not give a flying fcuk about what your day holds in store for you or how old the skank is who you banged the night before. the great thing about cell phones is that they generally work anywhere. so, walk your a** outside.

#2. people who interupt or cut people off when speaking. this sets me into defense mode real quick. i have gone so far as to get up and walk out of a room telling the person to let me know when they want to hear what it is that i have to say without interupting.

#3. people who take the last of something and do not replace it even though others may need or want it. i use the example of milk or self-serve coffee at a coffee shop. do not be pulling this sh*t with me before the first drop hasn't even hit my lips.

#4. people at the gym who stand directly in front of you, blocking the view of yourself in the mirror. maybe they feel that having someone directly behind them in their reflection is actually two people doing exercise and therefore, they have less to do.

#5. people who do not return phone calls or emails. if i ask a question inquiring about something, i expect an answer. what am i asupposed to do? guess?

#6. drivers who never let make someone make a turn. which, in turn, holds up all of the cars behind the person trying to turn.

#7. people who sit directly in front of you in a movie when you are the only other person in the theatre. and of course, they are 7 feet tall.

i am sure there are more, but i will be inconsiderate and not finish my list. :)


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