Thursday, June 30, 2005

Power to the Peeps

last night, while lounging on the couch in my new apartment and enjoying the brand new cable which was hooked up earlier in the day with every movie channel known to man, i stumbled upon a documentary showtime did titled 'same sex america.' it was an hour and a half long special which followed 7 gay and lesbain couples on their quest to get married as the state of massachusetts went back and forth on this highly controversial, hot issue.

i, personally, have never really understood the concept of marriage. understood is not the right word. i mean i'm not an idiot. i understand what marriage is and why people would want to partake in a such an act. i guess i just always never felt that it was for me. especially since i come from a divorced home and have grandparents, who if you ask me, have stayed together because divorce is 'shameful.' i know one too many couples (well, couples no longer) who have ended their marriages and gotten divorced. i don't know, for me, i just have always felt that i would never partake and all of a sudden become one with someone else. or, pick the wax out of someone else's ear or clip someone else's toenails. especially when i hate doing my own. just never felt that i was the marrying kind.

as i sat and watched this documentary, i went back and forth with feelings of anger, disappointment, joy and saddness. i sat and watched as these 7 couples fought to have their love recognized. now, i have always been the type to say, 'fcuk what everyone else thinks and says. who cares?!?!?'

as we all know, the state of massachusetts has made gay marriages legal. they have taken a step forward and led the frontier with this issue. honestly, i would have expected this more from the states of new york or california. but, hey. i lived in massachusetts for 4 years. rock on mass. you make me proud.

in all fairness with issues like this, the documentary gave the viewpoints of both sides to this issue. it absolutely broke my heart to see one woman, who is a lesbian, stand on the side in favor of gay marriage while her parents stood directly across from her on the opposing side. to have your own flesh and blood stand opposite you and try to squash your rights as a human being. this brought me to two mind-shattering conclusions.

the first of those conclusions was 'WOW!!! i am so fcuking lucky to have parents who love me and would never in a trillion years turn their backs on me and discredit anyone i fell in love with.' and the second being that for me, this issue is more than just two people wanting to get married (again, something i have never been a fan of). it boils down to equality. it boils down to me being able to have the same rights and opportunities that every other person in this country is fortunate and privilaged enough to have. even if i never take advantage of them, it is nice to know they are still there if one day i choose to do so.

first of all, what gives these assholes who have been elected (george w.) the right to judge, determine and say who i can and cannot marry. who made you so high and mighty? i know it wasn't me cause i didn't vote for your cocaine-using-illiterate-ass either time. not to pin things on the main-prick-in-charge, but who gives anyone the right to judge other people? this documentary interviewed people who went as far to say that they would move out of the state of massachusetts and into the middle of the country if gay marriages were made legal. you know what, knock yourselves out. i am sure that you will not have a hard time finding a u-haul to borrow from all the lesbians now moving to massachusetts. not to mention that the rest of the closed-minded-population mostly resides in that section of the country anyway. i am sure you'll have no trouble finding a vacant spot in a backward-thinking-trailer-park. just watch out for the twisters.

people were interviewed and said that gay marriage and the legalization of it is insane. and gay people are insane. well, i am a 28-year-old mentally healthy person who holds down a full-time job, an apartment, has a credit history, attended a well-respected college and has tons of friends. i function day in and day out without the help of perscription drugs and don't have a criminal record. and oh, i am involved in the most loving, caring, respectful relationship i have ever been in before. and it happens to be with another man. a man i completely respect, would do anything for and have fallen in love with. hmmm. marriage doesn't seem so stupid when i go back and re-read what i just typed.

in all honesty, who is gay marriage hurting in the long run? recognizing love in any form that it comes in. what's the problem? people who are into beastiality and are child molestors are viewed as sane when no one knows what is really going on. but 2 men or 2 women wanting to tell everyone they love one another are considered insane. that is the more insane notion if you ask me.

now, i am not saying that the gay community is the prime example for monogomy. but, let's call a spade a spade. the heterosexual community is no prime example for great, long lasting, respected marriages either. and sure, gay marriages could fail and end in divorce. you never really know what happens between 2 people who are intimately involved. all we're asking for is that same, equal chance. the chance to succeed or fail. just like the rest of you.


Blogger Farrah said...

They just legalized it in Spain and Canada. Leave it to the US to be behind, yet again, in Civil Rights. The land of free my ass. I seriously might not come back from Europe next summer . . .

9:58 AM  
Blogger It's Me, Maven... said...

It's amazing what a *THREAT* love and peace is, isn't it?

8:42 AM  

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