Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Let Me Count the Ways roommate has managed to piss me off before she leaves.

#1. i understand that the process of moving can be messy. but, there is sh*t everywhere. come home to find things everywhere, including boxes which block my path when trying to walk from one place in the apartment to another.

#2. the need she feels to have her computer connected to the internet, occupying the only phone line we have, while she is in a completely different room packing. when i asked her to get off because a guest was on his way over, i got the response, 'can't he just call your cell phone?' i am sure he could bitch, and then what? would i beam him up to the apartment and use my special time portal machine? maybe i could try closing my eyes and twiching my nose. or crossing my arms and imagining real hard that he has entered the front door.

#3. the need to continue packing at 11 pm, throw things around, fling unpacked broken down boxes out of your way and pull at the brown pacing tape as it makes that annoying skreetching sound. i ask, what the fcuk did you do all day? i could have packed, unpacked and repacked all of your stuff by now.

#4. the need to use all of my plates, pots and utensils in the kitchen since you have packed all of yours. and not ask me.

#5. the need to use, take away and leave me with absolutely no plastic bags in order for me to pack my lunch to bring into work.

just 2 more days. count them. 1. 2.


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