Monday, May 16, 2005

The End of Two Eras

there are two 'things' which are coming to an end this week. actually, 'storylines' would be a much better word to use. those storylines would be for the show 'everybody loves raymond' and 'star wars.' honestly, i could give two sh*ts less about 'raymond' and have been anticipating the final installment of the star wars saga for about 28 years now.

why do i not care about 'raymond?' i'll tell you why. because that is my family being portrayed every week on the small screen. the characters of frank and marie are my grandparents for as long as i can remember. the constant yelling and putting one another down in every other sentence. yup. my grandparents in every way, shape and form. for the longest time growing up as a kid, i thought that arguing was the only way everyone talked to one another. raising your voice was the only way the other person could hear you. and the relationship marie has with ray's wife. yup, the relationship my mom had with my grandmother, aunts have had with their daughter-in-laws, etc. the only difference is that my dad isn't as moronic and inconsiderate as ray romano.

now, the end of the star wars era brings a tear to my eye if i think about it long and hard enough. when i think about my childhood and some of the things that made it what it was, star wars always pops into the picture. there were very few moments before i hit the age of ten when i couldn't be found playing with my action figures, totting my darth vader carrying case along with me, sleeping on my star wars sheets, drinking my milk out of those limited addition glasses that could only be found at burger king.

it wasn't until half way through my childhood, and when i was able to understand roman numerials, that i realized george lucas started with episode IV and ended with VI. well, what happened before and what the fcuk happens after the victorious celebration with the ewoks? and i cannot tell you the impression that was left on me the first time i ever saw 'star wars.' the first few minutes of that movie are my favorite among the entire trilogy. here we have a battle scene and in walks this complete black man/machine who surveys the area, looks around takes a few deep breaths and says nothing. wow. but how did he get that way? what caused him to be in the dark suit? why is he so evil? and why do i like him so much? questions. questions. i need answers george!!!

and so came my answers a few years ago. the first two movies in the prequel were not all that they were cracked up to be. let's call a spade a spade. 'phantom' absolutely sucked. i mean really sucked. too much crammed into a 2-hour movie when you still have 2 more movies to go. and the dialogue with the kid playing anikan. george, are you kidding me?!?!? 'clones' was a bit better. except for all that romantic bullsh*t, rolling around in the grass. come on. han and leia were a lot more tactful ane able to stomach in 'empire' and 'jedi.' you didn't see them in the back of the millenium falcon.

so, yes, 'sith' is a big deal for me. i get to see how my favorite character of all time in movie history came to be. although, rumor has it that i will have to wait for over 2 hours before i get to see the dark, metallic suit. i am looking forward to it. so please, george. don't let me down.


Blogger Farrah said...

When Chris and I were roommates we had framed Star Wars posters in our living room. Lucky for you, I'm as big a Star Wars dork as you!

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