Monday, May 23, 2005

Short & Sweet

this entry will be short, sweet and to the point because i have been up since 6 am, out on location since 7 am and had a spur of the moment meeting upon returning to the office. basically, my mind is mush.

however, i wanted to say 'thank you' to mr. george lucas. i saw your last and final installment in the 'star wars' saga saturday night. this is the one i had been waiting 28 years for.

i must say episode III has made up for the two previous catastrophic events. and i can say that since i have been a devout fan upon seeing the first when i was 6. they were tragic!!!

even though i only got the actual darth vader suit for a total of maybe a minute, it was a great movie.

so, thank you mr. lucas. now, go off to a galaxy far, far away and rest. you deserve it.


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