Friday, May 13, 2005

All Bush Sucks.

i never ever talk politics. i was brought up under the belief that there are just a few topics that one never discusses with those close to him or her. that would be sex, religion and politics. i have thrown the first one out the window long ago, but have done a fairly decent job at keeping my opinions on the latter two to myself.

yesterday, i read a friend's blog (angryblackbitch. which i HIGHLY recommend) and read a topic that made me pretty angry. i will admit that i never watch the news or pick up a newspaper. some may say this is ignorant, but to be honest, the world is depressing enough and filled with heartache. why read about it or be told in the short span of 30 minutes all that is wrong. i know this world ain't perfect. i figure that if something major is taking place and is talked about, eventually i'll hear about it.

so, needless to say, i was a day behind the whole airplane flying into the 'no fly zone' which lies over our nation's capital. here was a tiny two-seater plane supposedly lost on its way to an airshow in north carolina making its way over d.c. and it was reported that the pilot and passenger were using visual landmarks as their guide to try and get back course. guess those 4 warning shots that exploded around them weren't enough for them to realize where they were.

now, it is not the fact that these two a**holes got off course and were ignorant enough to try and get back on course visually that makes me mad (typical guys not asking for directions). it is not the fact that for 8 solid minutes our country's terrorism alert was raised to red. it is not the fact that many people in and around the surrounding area probably felt september 11th was happening all over again. it is not the fact that people were running from buildings and being lifted out of their shoes in order to escape. none of those things make me mad. what made me mad is finding out where that a**hole of a leader this country (excluding myself because there is no way in fcuking hell i was voting for him) voted into office was during these 8 minutes. motherfcuker was out riding his bike with a college friend. probably discussing how to get his friend out of the latest mistake he had made.

that's right. riding his fcuking bike. and lets think back to almost 3 and a half years ago. where was he the morning of september 11th? displaying to the world just how far up his literacy level is by reading to a class of 1st graders. not defending him, but justifying that one in that no one knew what was going to happen that day.

to quote angryblackbitch, 'the economy has gone to shit, North Korea has nukes and an itch it use them, Russia is sliding back into tyranny, Iraq is the war that just keeps on going and my ass is considering selling eggs to pay for gas?' and where is this a**hole? riding his fcuking schwinn. and it's not like he's got the body to show for it. with all that going on shouldn't that motherfcuker have insomnia?!

i know 2 things. the first is that i voted back on november 2nd, 2004 and feel that none of this is my fault what-so-ever. i did my best to get this motherfcuker out. did the rest of the country not see 'farenhiet 911?!' and second, the secret service got the person who seems to be the real leader of this country to a safer, secure area in no time flat. laura was evacuated immediately.


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