Monday, February 06, 2006


well, not4nothin is back. i know it has been a while, but come on, how many people actually read this website??? irregardless, i am back.

i had posted a few posts ago everything i was thankful for at the beginning of the holiday season. unfortunately, a few of the things i was grateful for are no longer in existance.

a few days before heading home for the christmas holiday, my employer decided to terminate my position. ho-ho-ho! in all honesty, there are no bitter, angry feelings. when you hate waking up every morning because you know where you have to spend the next 8+ hours, you know it is time to move on. i could no longer take the 'whipping out of the d*cks and seeing who could piss further' boys club that consumed my work environment. and truth be told, i was looking for a few months prior, but missed the fall hiring.

so, since there is no more full-time employment, there is no insurance either. since i was covered until the end of january, i went to every doctor under the sun and as my mother said, 'make those sons of bitches pay.' of course, every sniffle or cough makes me panic since i can't afford (literally) to get sick.

the one thing that i remain grateful for is the boyfriend. he has been absolutely amazing. he never used the word 'you' and has referred to everything as 'we.' he has truly been my rock and i don't know what i would do without him during all of this. he has been such a great support system with a smile and kiss of encouragement. has even been looking for a job in one of the cities we've chosen to possibly move to.

so, what do you do when life hands you lemons? make lemonade. i am now back in my hometown with interviews lined up throughout the week. and the encouraging thing is that all of the companies came after me.

here's hoping.


Anonymous Sharon said...

Well I for one, a blog lurker extraordinaire, have missed you and been worried. I'm a regular reader. I will be sending you positive energy from Washington, D.C. as I dream of the day when I take my well paid, government (attorney) job, and tell my boss to shove it.

4:37 AM  
Blogger storm_indigo said...

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7:48 AM  
Blogger storm_indigo said...

Hey, best wishes. Sometimes all of the cliches make me want to scream, but sometimes we have to stand still (or even take a step back) in order to get our bearings.
I wish you the best.


7:49 AM  

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