Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Dear George W.

hi there. my name is not4nothin and i live in one of the red states who voted your sorry a$$ back into office. i really don't consider myself to be much of a political person. however, since i am a registered, united states citizen and did everything in my power to get your a$$ voted out in last years election, i feel that i have a right to complain a bit. because even though i didn't vote for your sorry, cocaine-snorting, illiterate a$$, you technically do still work for me. and therefore have to answer to me.

let me start off by thanking you. thank you for getting our country involved in a war that is this generation's vietnam. i guess that you figured (or at least your aides told you) that it'd be a good move to try and hide behind what your daddy started. i guess they figured you'd put an end to it and come out looking like a great big hero on a big, strapping horse. guess they never saw the 33% approval rating coming. back to my point. thank you for having thousands of our soldiers sent overseas to live each and every day in fear with suicide bombers and people who want control of their own country all around them. as a result of this, we have been given 2,000 of those soldiers back. in body bags of course, but you already knew that. that woman who sat outside your vacation home for weeks on end wasn't just there to take in the scenary.

and another great big thanks for the astronomical gas prices our country is facing. i for one, who has no other way to travel to work in my car, really appreciates it. wouldn't it just be faster for me to set fire to the money myself? a part of me would feel better knowing that it wasn't going to you and all of your oil-hungry friends who are holding on to the reserves, refusing to let them be released. and for what reason? so that you could all get richer. so, the rest of us will just head into the holiday season pissed, financially strapped and cold because we are afraid to turn on our heat. nothing like being broke cause i have to pay for gas as opposed to spending that money on my loved ones to get me into the christmas spirit. keep that in mind as you are decorating one of the 20 trees found in the white house.

thank you for trying to put forth a constitutional amendment to discriminate against all homosexuals. nothing makes me feel better than knowing that the person elected to run this super-power of a nation has hate within his heart. if you ask me, you're kind of running a little parallel line to someone named hitler. let's hope you don't get the crazy idea in your head that you would ever have that much power or that the people who agree with you on this issue would ever let you do such a thing and cause us to relive one of the most horrific times in history. i can't tell you what it does to my national pride knowing that even though i was born, raised and continue to live in this country that as long as you are in power i will never have the same rights as the average man or woman when it comes to declaring who i am in love with. my boyfriend and i should come and make out on the white house lawn. or better yet, on the tour of the white house.

now i am by no means qualified to run this country. i can barely manage a full-time job, a social life and fulfilling all of my responsabilities as an everyday, average adult who pays bills and gives back to my communtiy. but, here's a small piece of advice. start suggesting replacements for the poeple leaving office who are actually qualified for the position. and you might want to think about surrounding yourself with those same people as well. there is a small, and i do mean small, chance that if you surround yourself with smart, qualified people, that smart and quailified may just rub off on you. and you might be able to convince the remaining 33% who are sticking with you that you are actually qualified for this position.

i think that's it for now. until your next huge fcuk up which should be in a few short days. thank you for your time and have a great day.



ps- please advise your mom to sit a few more seats to her left when attending the next astros-white sox world series game. you and your family have seemed to invade and fcuk up one of the last few pleasures left in this country. not to mention, she's older than dirt and not the most attractive to look at. thanx again.


Blogger Farrah said...

And she's apparently an ignorant racist since she thought the people trapped in the Superdome were better off there then in their poverty-stricken neighborhoods. Oh, and according to her, it was Hurricane Corrina. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

2:37 PM  

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