Thursday, October 20, 2005

It's A Mad(ge), Mad(ge) World

what a crazy week, and it is only thursday.

for starters, madonna has released a new single, 'hung up.' and i admit that i was not too crazy when i first heard a snippet of it. let's just say that i am now addicted. before i was able to download it (or have a co-worker download it) off i-tunes i would play it over and over again off her official website and according to i-tunes i have already played the song 8 times this morning. i don't know what comes over me every time this woman so much as farts. i have been a huge fan of hers since i was 5. i remember stealing my parent's cassette of her first album 'madonna' and jumping on my bed as 'lucky star' or 'holiday' played over my portable cassette player. such huge forshadowing right there!!! i am proud to say that i have seen 4 out of 6 concert tours and came extremely close to meeting her once. it feel through at the last minute and i am kinda glad, don't want my perception to be ruined. i've stuck by her through thick and thin...the whole pepsi/'like a prayer' controversy, the 'papa don't preach' scandal, the 'sex' book. and although i think the kabballa thing has gone a little too far, i am still here after 23 years. i don't know what it is that comes over me. i instantly revert back to my childhood everytime this woman does some significant with her career. maybe it is the subliminal part of us that always holds our childhood close to us. let's face it, adulthood ain't no walk in the park. what i wouldn't give to be jumping up and down on my bed to the tunes of 'borderline' once again. for now, i'll settle for being glued to my tv tomorrow night as mtv airs her new documentary commercial free.

moving on...the boyfriend told me last night that the commissioner of the nba is trying to put into play a dresscode in which the players are to be seen wearing a jacket and tie both before and after every game. and jewelry is not to be seen or even worn while on the court. one player said that he agreed with the new dress code as long as the nba provided him with the $ to purchase the suits he needs to be wearing. wait a sec. are you fcuking kidding me? you mean to tell me that even with the minimum salary of a few hundred thousand, you want the nba to purchase your wardrobe for you? here's a suggestion, cash in some of the bling around your neck and in your ears to go purchase a nice wardrobe. take the expensive pimp-mobile back to the dealership and buy some crisp shirts you fcuking a$$hole. i am barely keeping my head above water with rent, groceries and the tons of school loans to pay back. and i work 5 days a week for a minimum of 8 hours. but nba players need more $ to buy clothes. show me how to dribble d*ck and keep your mouth shut. statements like that only prove to the world that you were drafted before graduating. again, moving on.

it appears that the underdogs in both the american and national leagues are headed to the world series. since my team got eliminated in round one, i don't really have much room to talk. my problem, like last year, is that a team who finished in 2nd place during the regular season is now headed to the series. i have not enjoyed the playoffs since they started this wild card sh*t a few years ago. i am sorry, but it should be all of the first place teams duking it out for the title. not a team who happens to get lucky in the end. just goes to show that $ makes the world go round.

and while a violent hurricane makes its way into the gulf, madonna is singing to me for the 14th time this morning. take shelter people in the gulf. learn from the last time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Alexis' Friend: I feel your pain about not having your team represented in the world series - it should be the red sox, not the white sox in the big game. Also, you are incorrect about two underdog teams playing in the upcoming WS; the White Sox actually won their division.

9:14 AM  

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