Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What's The Big Deal?

last week, i was feeling a slew of different feelings. and i don't know if it is the weather, the change of seasons, the holidays approaching or what. but my mood elevator has definately caused the brain to run circles along the track within my skull.

over the weekend, the boyfriend and i were watching LOGO, the gay channel sponsored by MTV networks. that's right, we have our own channel and we are slowly taking over the world. i think having our own television channel is prediction number 5 in the handbook we are given once we come out of the closet. hold on tight, cause prediction numbers 6-8 are doozies. anyway, we happened to catch most of the movie/documentary 'wigstock.' this is a movie that was filmed back in 1994 and covered the event in which dragqueens perform from sun up to sun down. it is an event that promotes togetherness, unity and tolerance. and it is held in the greatest city in the world, the city i am proud to call my home, nyc. it got me to thinking that a lot has happened both within and outside of the gay community in the past 11 years.

let's start within the gay community first. for some reason, it hit me while sitting on my couch in my apartment in the god-awful red state i currently reside in, that the community has been struggling for a very long time to be accepted within society. strides have been made. i think 3 U.S. states now recognize gay marriage, along with spain and canada. there are gay characters all over people's television sets. and i am talking real, down to earth, professional gay people. a lesbian hosts a top rated daytime talk show for the past 3 years now. the number of people dying from AIDS within the communtiy is slowly dropping and both men and women are educating themselves and practicing safer sex. teens are beginning to come out in high school now and are being supported by groups within their schools and neighborhoods. that is something i would never have imagined possible, especially attending an all boys catholic high school.

with all of these positive changes within our communtiy, it leads me to still question why in certain parts of this country (hello...where i live) people are still so discriminating toward us. at the end of the day, we are just people, like everyone else, trying to make it through another day. one of the dragqueens in the movie 'wigstock' said, 'hopefully there are all types of people here today. and for any straight haters, you're on our turf today. and for those gay people with all the anti-straight people t-shirts on, it was because of breeders that your gay a$$ is here today.' honestly, what gives? many of the gay people i know wouldn't hurt anyone. and they don't. they all hold down full-time, steady jobs. some own property. some donate their time and are generally good people. fcuk. some even go to church, but that's their business and something i could never understand becuase i admit i don't want to. so, why all the hate? why do my friends and i still have to go to the rundown, desserted part of town to go to a gay bar? why do people at work ask how my 'friend' is when referring to my boyfriend? why do i constantly have to hear aboout all of the people who oppose gay marriage day in and day out? who is it hurting? seriously, how many straight marriages have been affected by 2 gay people wanting to do the same with their relationship? who is it hurting that there are festivals out there in which men dress as woman and perform for the masses? got news for you...that's been happening since the days of shakespear. so, back the fcuk off and worry about the problems happening within your community. the last i checked they captured that teen from pennsylvania who shot and killed his girlfriend's parents. and it was a woman and her husband who entered that wedding hall in jordon and were set to detonate themselves. oh, straight love. yeah, you have no problems.

and on that note, think about what else has happpened since the movie 'wigstock.' those two magnificant archetectural designs that stood in the backdrop of the movie were attacked and brought down to the ground by terrorists. this country has been involved in a never ending war in the mid-east. and we've had a father-son duo of idiots occupy the most powerful job in our country. all something to think and worry about. not the guy sitting next to you who during the day is just like everyone else, just getting by but happens to be in love with a man. and who probably wouldn't hurt another living soul on purpose. unlike the Cee yoU Next Tuesday who knowingly walked into a wedding reception with explosions strapped to her body with a mission to kill innocent people. worry about people like that.


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