Thursday, November 10, 2005


i am feeling a little magenta this morning. for all those die hard 'golden girls' fans out there you know what i mean. and for those who don't 'feeling magenta,' as blanche describes to dorothy, is when a slew of feelings run through your body and you don't know how to classify it. i guess the one emotion or feeling that is the most identifiable within me is disappointment.

there is a lot of crazy sh*t currently taking place in the world in which we share. riots in france. bombings in jordan. cruise ships being attacked by pirates off the coast of africa. paris hilton car accidents at 2:30 in the morning. and the media who covers it. i ask, what next?

it is becoming that time of year, at least in america (just in case this website might span across the atlantic and pacific) in which a slew of holidays are approaching fast. it is that time of year in which many of us travel hundreds of miles cross country to spend with our closest loved ones and let them know just how much they mean to us. but this year, i have noticed that many people around me are a little bit more on edge, a little bit more crabby and a little bit more down in the dumps than normal.

at least for me, it is becoming a little more difficult to watch the news or pick up a newspaper each day. no one has ever said that the world was a perfect place. and the events relayed to us on a daily basis definately support that. it leads me to question just how humanity works and wonder how people can be so cruel to one another.

it is all part of growing up that one experiences a certain amount of teasing as a child. every school in this country has a bully, every year. and our instincts for survival kick in. it is human nature to either align ourselves with the bullies on the playground, join in and befriend the bullies or tolerate the teasing and form thick skin. i have found as i made my way through life, that often the bullies, no matter what shape or size, adult or child, are usually significantly weaker than the person they are teasing. i have also learned as a young(er) adult that you have to choose your battles. there is only so much a person can withstand before completely lashing out in retaliation.

humans are a funny species. animals must look at us in amazement. variety is the spice of life. there are a wide range of people who make up this crazy world in which we share. we all make the world go round. everyone has something to offer and contribute. no one is a complete waste. and don't let anyone tell you that anyone or anything is worthless.

so, where am i going and what am i trying to say? i could ask myself the same question. i guess that all i am trying to say is that i have noticed that as a whole, humanity is really struggling right now. it will effect those who come after us and those who are observing us now. i am the furthest thing one will ever compare to being religious and i am not trying to preach at all. i just think that with the holidays approaching, we all need to take the time to love ourselves a little more. and take the time to love the person on either side of you a little more as well. and not just now, but all year long. respect may be the first step we could take in correcting the problems we face.


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