Friday, May 06, 2005

Women. Can't Live With Them. Can't Live Without Them...Literally

sunday is mother's day and this entry is dedicated to my mama. unfortunately, i am a few hundred miles away and there are a few states in between us, so i will not be able to be with her on sunday. however, i thought this would be the perfect opportunity to highlight her, mention her and acknowledge everything she has done and sacrificed for me.

just like every mother and her child, we had our ups and downs when it came to our relationship. our relationship was pretty average when i was a small kid. when i was a teenager and going through high school, that is when we really hit the rough patches. just like every other teenager on the planet, i could not stand her and we were in constant conflict. it wasn't until my late teens and when i left for college, that a more mature, respectable relationship formed between the two of us. and that was when it started sinking in just how much she sacrificed for me, but was too selfish and stubborn to see.

my parents got divorced when i was six. my dad was always around and contributed for everything i needed. i actually saw him and spoke to him more after they got divorced than when they were still together. my mom worked long hours and i was left to handle a lot of adult responsabilities at a very young age. she made sure we did things together and took vacations often.

my mom also taught me to be respectful, say 'please' and 'thank you' and never interupt or talk back to an adult. don't get me wrong, i did a lot of things wrong. fortunately, i was just that good that i never got caught. one other thing she taught me was how to take care of myself, be an individual and have an opinion of my own. make sure your voice is heard, but in a respectable dignified manner. she was the perfect role model for the three things just mentioned.

i never could understand growing up, why my mom never dated after she and my dad split. it wasn't until college that i had the nerve to ask her. her response was this, 'i had a 6-year-old to raise. i wasn't one fo those women who needed to go out and find another man to take care of us.' wow. it was at that moment at the table of legal seafoods in boston where everything finally sunk in for me. to think of what this woman sitting before me has given up. holy crap!

my mom has always been there when i needed her. whether minutes or states away, she was always there offering encouragement, support and strength. i can tell her absolutely anything, with some natural limitations. but, i know that no matter what i do or what i tell her (and trust me, there have been some doozies) she will always love me. and i her. so, thank you mom. thank you for always being there, for being my friend and for being my mom.


Blogger Shawn said...

Nice post

Doesn't it take a long while, personal growth and life experience to really surmise how much effort a dedicated mother puts into raising her child(ren)?

My mother reached some of her goals but not all of them because her first priority was always me. She took her job as parent/protector/mentor very serious. Of course my selfish, dumb butt didn't get it til much later in life.

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