Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The 'Ole Ball & Chain

this morning while getting ready for work, i heard something over the radio that really got my mind to thinking. apparently, the first lady recently upstaged her hubby at some sort of banquet dinner. she cracked a few jokes (i have heard a statistic that more than 50% of what we say as a joke is in fact us speaking the truth. mhhhmmmmmm), showed the public that she and the idiot she married have a human relationship and overall, she's really funny. as a result of the first lady showing that she has a sense of humor (look at her husband) some people were all up in arms saying that she disrespected him and should just act all submissive and sh*t.

are you fcuking kidding me? what is this? 1953?!!!! i got news for everyone. it's 2005 and women have come a long way in this world. and thank the universe for that. we are now in a time in which women have made strides for themselves and may in fact make more money than their husbands, significant others, boyfriends, girlfriends, fcuk buddies, whatever. and to be honest, women make the workplace a lot more interesting. they sure as hell keep me on my toes when it comes time to compete for projects. and i will be the first to admit, there are women out there who do the same job that i do and are a hell of a lot better at it. i mean, come on, let's give credit where credit is due. would a man honestly be able to hold down a job, keep a house, raise a few kids and make sure dinner is on the table each and every night? most of the men i know can't even suck a d*ck while getting plowed from behind at the same time.

i know tons of women who do their own thing and have men in their life who accept it. as far as i am concerned, relationships are 50/50. there is a level of respect and understanding that needs to exist between 2 people. yes, i love spending time with the person i am involved with, but there are also times that i want to do my own thing. and please, get the fcuk out of my face for a second. give me some room to remember who i am. i am not going to put a ball and chain around your ankle. and why? because i sure as hell don't want one of my own.

i look at my grandparents. my grandmother is a woman who literally did everything for my grandfather. she cooked, cleaned, raised my father, worked when women didn't and pretty much made my grandfather's life as simple as possible. to the point where he does not even know how to write a check. but, now, she has fallen ill and the tables have turned. he is the one doing everything and she is now kicking herself for all the years he could have been pitching in and lending a hand. i love them both dearly and would do anything for them, but i told her she has no one to blame but herself. she is the one who did it. and she is a pretty blunt person. i could never understand why she never told him to get off his lazy, stereotypical italian ass and wash the dishes. there is no reason why she had to absorb his life into hers and become one person.

so, i give props to our first lady. who, i must say, is the only decent (and 'decent' is the best word i could think of) thing about our current administration. she knows she married an idiot and has every right to let us, as a country, know that she knows. to me, that is much better than jackie and hilary playing stupid to the fact that their husbands can't keep the zipper zipped. but they had/have an agenda so that's ok. you go laura and call your husband an idiot. we all say it everyday, but it is much more impactful when you say it. and in front of the press.

no wonder that crazy beotch fled from georgia to escape her wedding. i don't approve of the way she went about it. but, if people were saying i needed to become submissive to my partner, i wouldn't have stopped at new mexico. there is land out there on the other side of the ocean.


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