Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A Day of Travel and Getting Nowhere

when i started this blog, i vowed never talk about work. this story is more about what happened to me the other day while traveling for work. so, it really isn't about work since i wasn't in the office. and when telling my friend the story as it was happening, she said that only things happen like this to me. if it were to go smoothly, it wouldn't be me.

i was up monday morning at 3:30 because i was paranoid about missing my 6:15 flight. i quick showered, threw on some clothes and headed out the door. except for the birds, all is generally quiet at 4:30 in the morning. the highway is usually dead where i live anyway, but at 4:30 in the morning, you really notice that.

i arrived at the airport, met my co-workers who were traveling with me and we boarded the plane. now, keep in mind, i do not like flying at all. in my opinion, flying is not natural. it does not seem natural to me to have tons of steel, carrying up to 200 people, 30,000 feet in the air. if it were natural, you wouldn't need more than 2 engines to do it. anyway, the first plane was very small...3 seats across total and 18 rows back. the whole plane was pretty much first class and only had one flight attendant. our first destination was to houston, in order to catch a connection to portland.

along the way, the pilot said that there were storms in houston and it would be a bumpy ride. noticing we should have landed by now and we are still thousands of feet off the ground, we were told we'd need to circle the airport. the airport in houston closed due to storms and tornados and we were diverted to an airfield out in college station, texas. wherever the hell that is. after being stuck in the middle of nowhere (literally) we reboarded the plane and completed the 30 miles that were left to the first leg of our trip.

once in houston, all of the connections were gone. people were pissed and airport employees were doing their best to get everyone out of their face. scheduled on another flight that was not set to leave for another 7 hours, i found myself in my own personal hell...stuck in george bush international airport. need i say more?

after 2 hours of line hopping and being transferred from airport employee to airport employee, i finally got my new boarding pass. and now i have to go through security for the third time. i was one of the lucky ones who was 'randomly' selected to be searched inside and out. pulled aside and in full view of everyone, my search began. asked to stand and pose like a scarecrow, the wand began to move across my body. now, keep in mind, at this point, i had been up and awake for almost 12 full hours. and i am hungry. tired and hungry are not a good combination for me. the wand crossed my waistband and i soon found the security guard's hands within the waistband of my jeans. wow, i thought. being felt up and i didn't even have to buy this guy a drink. essentially, i am being felt up for free. wondering why i am still beeping and he is not feeling anything, other than the obvious, he had a perplexed look on his face. before i knew it, the words 'they are button-fly jeans a**hole' flew out of my mouth. finally, i passed the check and moved to gate. where we found that our already delayed flight was delayed...again. more time in george bush international. he's able to fcuk you no matter what.

to the bar for bar food and alcohol i go. and 6 different baseball games. eventually, i made it to my final destination and began working, doing everything that i missed during the day. up for 24 hours, i finally got to hit the sheets. and wouldn't you know it? i was wide awake. in a king size bed and all alone. the story of my life.

can't wait to see what lies ahead for me on my journey home.


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