Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Queen of Nothing

everyone has someone that just gets under his or her skin. some people have fewer and some people have many. for me, i have two people in particular that rub me the wrong way. the first one would be that actress who was in 'four weddings and a funeral.' i can honestly say that i do not know why she bothers me. it's just something about her. it's kinda like how when a little bit of something gets under your fingernail or just scratches the surface of your skin but doesn't stay. you know that nothing is there, but still rub the area because it bothers you. also kinda like the first time you get crabs and get it cured. from there on out, everyone makes you itch. even when you haven't been with anyone. anyway, i digress.

the other person that just gets me is the supposed 'queen of nice.' she has bothered me for some time now. and just when you think she has disappeared and sunk back down from the spotlight, she resurfaces running her mouth acting all tight and tough, playing into the stereotypical role of not only a gay person, but also as a new yorker.

i remember as a kid watching cable television and particularly enjoying comedy routines. catching her routine was always a special treat for me. i understood everything she was talking about and that all of the dialogue was clean. i have to admit that is a trait not very many comics have, often resorting to foul language to get laughs. but, again, i digress.

i'll never forget the night i was supposed to see her appear in a b'way show. my excitement of the entire day was quickly dissolved when i learned her understudy would be going on that evening. the replacement was wonderful and turned out to be the emmy-award winning actress from some show called 'will & grace.' anyway, i wrote my favorite star a letter simply expressing my disappointment in missing her performance and wished her luck for the remainder of her run. a few weeks later, a large envelope arrived at my door containing a letter from my favorite star. as i read from top to bottom, it got worse. i was reminded that i could have turned in my tickets for another evening and that all humans get sick. not only did this be-otch tell me things i already knew, she had the nerve to write it all on personalized stationary. that was it for me. she was written off.

she soon obtained her own talk show. never watching a single episode, i heard that it was quiet enjoyable. she won a few awards, donated some money to a few charities and won over the people of america while hiding a huge secret...she's a be-otch. and i had the letter to prove it. i know a few people in the b'way community who confirmed my suspicions about her, both personally and professionally. she and her show went away for a time and then her personal life surfaced. here we go again. and then there was the magazine. and then you had to return to broadway and f*ck that up too. and ya did.

and just when things got quiet, 20/20 interviewed her a few weeks ago. there she was coming through on my tv talking about her life, being gay, her family and how she will continue to fight for equality. i will say that i give her tons of credit for taking a stand in believing what's right. she has done tons for children who are underprivelaged. however, my peeps have been fighting for quiet some time. long before she came along. and we will continue to fight for equality. we were doing just fine before she came along with her attitude and fakeness, only adding to the negative perception people have toward us.

again, props to her for standing up and voicing her opinions. for using her celebrity status to get heard. we should all be so lucky. but i ask, is it all worth it when the real person you are is misleading to everyone, including the people you are trying to help?


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