Thursday, April 07, 2005

Just Me

something happened last night which gave me inspiration for today's post. i got home around my usual time last night which falls somewhere between 8 and 9 pm. i made myself some dinner and plopped on the couch with my feet up and the tv on. i noticed that on one of the 800 channels i get that one of my favorite movies, 'under the tuscan sun,' was on. i immediately left the rerun of 'sex and the city' that i had seen 600 times before and began watching francis mayis take control of her life in a foreign country.

see, i am all a sucker for movies in which the main character takes control of his or her life and goes after what they want. for those who don't know 'under the tuscan sun' is the true story of francis mayis. she is a writer from san francisco who goes on a trip to italy after finding out that her piece of sh*t husband is cheating on her. she gives him everything in the divorce settlement and is left with little. while in italy she spontaneously purchases a house knowing no one, unable to speak the language and does not return to her former life. the movie follows her as she learns how to rebuild the inside of her house, make italian friends, cook italian food and even sleep with hot italian men who turn out to be just like every other piece of sh*t man walking the planet. but she got her groove on with the ultra fine marcello who says to her, 'i am going to make love all over you.' so captivated by him, i mean this, i screamed out 'okay' upon seeing this movie for the first time in the theatre...with my mother sitting right beside me. but i disgress. all-in-all, she takes control of her life while taking chances and recovers from the most devastating blow of all...having a man break her heart.

another great example of taking life by the balls and going after what you want would be that little english film 'billy elliott.' now here's a movie in which a little boy doesn't want to box, but would rather lace up his slippers and dance around the stage wearing tights. he didn't care if people were afraid he'd grow up suckin' d*ck, all he knew was that he wanted to dance. as if the desire to wear tight clothes showing off a chiseled body and man package weren't enough to get the rumors started. mmmhhhmmmm. sounds like an average night at (fill in the name of your local gay bar here). he didn't care, he just wanted to dance. you go billy!

and then there is the female version of this movie...'bend it like becham.' here, the tables are turned and we have a british girl of indian descent wanting to turn in her dresses for socceer cleats, elbow pads and a sports bra. defying her family, their traditions and what the local neighborhood boys may think, she goes ahead and plays socceer. she didn't care what people thought or said. all she knew was that she wanted to was pull her hair back into a ponytail and rough up some boys while running up and down a field. sounds like an average night at (fill in the name of your local lesbian bar here). i say rock on becham girl!

what is my point in all of this you may be asking. it is short. it is sweet. it is simple. there is nothing wrong with being an individual. there is nothing wrong with having dreams. and there is nothing wrong with going out and making your dreams come true. and it is possible to do it on your own. you don't need anyone.

don't let anyone tell you differently. not for nothin'. there is nothing wrong with being an individual and doing things by yourself. i go to movies, plays, coffeehouses, shopping and even to the gym alone. my grandmother once asked me, 'don't you feel embarrassed going to a play alone?' fcuk no. i wouldn't talk to them during the performance so who gives a sh*t. going alone guarantees me that no one will bother me before and after the performance either. there is nothing worse than going to see a play or movie and having your friend do a play by play of what is taking place on stage or screen.

be an individual and be proud. go after your dreams and let no one tell you they are out of reach. people who say that are just too afraid to go after the dreams they have for themselves. so, leqave your computer and go buy a house, take balle lessons or kick the socceer ball around.

remember, individuality and confidence are extremely sexy.


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