Friday, March 03, 2006

Not4nothin's Oscar Picks

my picks for the top 6 cause that's all i really care about anyway. there will be more thoughts after the winners are announced on sunday.

BEST ACTOR...Philip seymour Hoffman. it's a shame that he and Joaquin Phoenix are both nominated in the same year because Joaquin really was great as johnny cash.
BEST ACTRESS...i THINK it is going to go to Reese Witherspoon and i FEEL IT SHOULD GO TO Felicity Huffman.
BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR...Paul Giamatti because he was snubbed for Crash and George Clooney has 2 other nominations.
BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS...Catherine Keener because i think she is going to sneak in.

reviews of the oscars, my thoughts on marti gras and the 'primetime' feature on polygomy that i saw last night all next week.

happy weekend.


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