Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Bump in the Road

well, not4nothin has had quiet the bumpy week.

it all started when i flew back to my homestate to work a few weeks on a feelance position for a company who is interested in hiring me. i sat in the airport monday morning getting ready to take off and thought back to all of the freaks that i have seen in the airport the past few weeks during my travels back and forth. unfortunately for me, ever since 9-11, everyone looks like a suspect. from the dude with the tats and piercings all over to the granny who needs to be wheeled up to the gate to the woman walking around with a huge tropical bird on her shoulders.

i just made it to my connecting city and had minutes to spare to make my connecting flight. as i ran through the terminal, i kept looking over my shoulder to see if the woman who was on my first flight and was going to be on my second flight was keeping up with me. i took my seat and prayed that since i just made my flight that my luggage would as well. i landed in my hometown, met my mom and headed to baggage claim. i stood there and watched as each and every other person who was on my flight pull his or her luggage off the moving rack. the only people left were me and the woman trying to keep up with me to make our connection. the airline said it never left the connecting city. so, the only clothes i'd have for my first day on a new job were the ones on my back. great. same jeans. shirt. socks. and even underwear.

cut to the next day and my first day at work. it was a long one. 10 hour day, without lunch. toto we aren't in kansas anymore. we in the big city business world now.

cut to thursday morning. not4nothin's 29th birthday. woke up with a splitting headache and feeling a bit achey. hoping and praying it was the result of the 3 glasses of wine from the night before, i loaded up on drugs and headed out the door. the entire day, i trudged along wanting the day to pass just like any other. i was in no mood to celebrate this year. forget the whole this-is-my-last-year-in-my-20s but my life is utter chaos right now and i felt not worthy of celebrating. as the day progressed, i slowly felt worse and worse. i sat across the table from my family and although i felt extremely lucky to be sitting across from my very sick grandmother, there was one very important person who was still missing. to me, the most important person in my life. the boyfriend. it was this day of all days that i missed him the most. what i would have given to wake up next to him that morning of all mornings. to have him be the first thing i saw as i awoke and started my 29th year. receiving that one special kiss from your sweetie on 'your' day. and since we started dating 2 months after my birthday last year, this would have been our first together and i waited 10 months for it.

as the day drew to a close, i felt more and more like hell. i was running a low-grade fever and spent a lot of time in the potty. come friday afternoon eating was a complete waste of time. it would have been easier to just take the $5 i spent on a soup, yup toto, big city, and just throw that directly into the tiolet. by saturday morning, my a$$ crack could literally have been clarified as a toxic waste zone.

but now, my health is on the up and up. stacey kebler just got eliminated from 'dancing with the stars' and tomorrow starts a new week. still miss the boyfriend and dog immensely. but with each day that passes it is one day closer to being with them again.


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