Thursday, October 06, 2005


what a week. a ton has gone on in this crazy country we call america. among all of the marriages, divorces, car accidents and baby announcements (i predict an unfortunate miscarriage in 5-7 weeks) there are 2 events which caught my attention in particular.

the first would be the presidential nomination to replace o'conner earlier in the week. the ever-famous george w. nominated his personal lawyer to take a seat on the supreme court. a woman who has no experience what-so-ever in being a judge. that's like an artist all of a sudden wanting to become a welder. yet again, g.w. has made an excellent case that he is in fact an idiot. while the prices of gas and oil continue to increase and the (texas & arab) friends of g.w. continue to get richer, he's in the oval office literally thinking that his own personal lawyer would make an excellent replacement for one of the most forward-moving supreme court justices of our time. and let's take a closer look at this nomination, shall we? 60-years-old. never been married. no kids. and loves being outdoors. is that the texan way of saying she's dyke-a-delic? she's one pair of berkinstocks and a flannel shirt away from licking carpet. actually, i think she's already there. and that eye liner. looks like she took two slugs right in the face and lost the battle against fashion.

and on to our very own american idol fantasia. this week, it came out that fantasia is in fact illiterate. how did this come out you ask? while dictating, yes dictating, her memior to an author, she included that little known fact in with the fact that she was raped as a freshman in high school and had to drop out when she got pregnant at 17. blah, blah, blah. now, i routed for this girl since audition one. i knew she was going to win. and she deserved to. she has an amazing voice. but, the only difference between her and every other rape victim and high school drop out is the set of vocal chords she was blessed with. do i like her any less? absolutely not. it takes amazing talent and skill to memorize words to songs you don't know because you can't read them. that is a skill in itself. it does make me question the educational system we have going on in this country. how can someone make it through the educational system for 17 years and not be noticed as unable to read? is it that today's teachers are not motivated enough to help those who require a bit more attention than the average student? do they no longer want to deal with students like that and just pass them along hoping the next teacher will take the time? how does this happen?

seems to me lately, we have become a country of many things...a country where you can get married, have it annulled (for the right price) and get married again within the same year. we have become a country in which the fake procreation of two hollywood stars (well, one hollywodd star and one beard who is promised to become a star) takes presidence over real problems like unemployment, sickness and our troops defending our freedoms overseas. ultimately, we have become a country in which POOF! you can become anything you want with no qualifications what-so-ever.


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