Thursday, August 18, 2005

Stepping Out of Character a Sec

i try not to get too vocal about political issues, but i am in an extremely restless mood today due to some events which have taken place this week. i admit that i am a little behind on some national news events. but, better late than never. so, what i have to say will be short, simple and get straight to the point.

george w. you are truly an a$$hole. i hope that you are enjoying your 5-week-vacation as our gas prices continue to rise bleeding the lower and middle classes dry and our troops continue to loose their lives over in the middle east. i truly hope that cindy sheehan ruins your 5-week-absence from this nation's problems every time you look out the window to your ranch.

and for cindy sheehan...i am so sorry for your loss. thank you for making this behind-blogger aware of your loss and cause. go on with your bad self and know that there are other people out there who support you and your cause.


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