Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's the Curiosity That Kills

i have been noticing lately, that we as a society are all up in one another's business. why is that? what is it about the intimate details of other people's lives that intrigue us so much? and i am not even talking about people we come in contact with on a day-to-day basis. i am also talking about complete strangers and celebrities. what is it about other people that captivate us? why do you come to this site and read what i have to say when i find the time to say it? some of you don't know me.

the boyfriend went out for a smoke the other night and ran into our neighbor who lives across the hall from us. this neighbor said he saw us moving in and even knew our names. i don't recall seeing anyone the day we moved in. and i honestly could not tell you my neighbor's name or what he looks like. 9 times out of 10 traffic jams that are caused due to an accident are backed up by people who are just slowing down for a look. traffic sometimes even backs up on the opposite side of the road where the accident took place just for people to catch a glance. why? what is it about the possibility of seeing people hurt, bloody or even dead that makes us look?

there are people who make entire careers out of providing us with pictures & information on other peoples private lives. you know, that group of photographers referred to as the papparazzi. remember? the ones responsible for princess diana's death. honestly, my day would not be effected one way or the other if i did or did not see a picture of nicole ritchie eating a hamburger. although, i did see her recently at a nyc airport on my way to paris. and let me just say, 'girls gotta eat!' but my point is, i saw her, my brain told me 'that's nicole ritchie' and i went about my business waiting in line to check in for my flight.

and the latest question on everyone's mind...a person's sexuality. michael stipe of rem was once quoted as saying, 'the only person whose business my sexulaity is is the person sitting in my lap.' how true. what difference does it make to someone whether or not a co-worker, neighbor or the person selling you your cell phone sleeps with a member of the same sex? do the straights go around pointing and whispering about fellow breeders? my guess would be no. so, why then if someone is gay and keeping to themselves is it so important that everyone else know? that is one minute detail about that person. people should be more concerned with whether or not a person has a criminal record, likes to torture kittens or has really bad b.o.

i will use clay aiken as my example at this particular moment. the former american idol runner-up has a new album just out. so once again everyone wants to know whether or not clay has helium heels. what business is it of anyones? does who this person sleeps with really affect the sound of his voice? and if he did one day come out of the closet as a gay man, are you actually that ignorant to stop buying his albums? if in fact, his music and voice provides you with some entertainment? being gay didn't hurt elton john's career(although he does in fact just need to go away). and i am sure it wouldn't have hurt george michael's if he had a career and would stay away from public parks in the middle of the night. now many people would argue, 'well, that's the price of fame.' i am sorry, but no it is not. celebrities and people in the public eye are humans just like everyone else. they want to go out and have dinner, see a movie and have sex just like everyone else. their job is to entertain us with movies, tv series, etc. not to provide us with information as to who they are banging and in what position.

a large part of this 'curiosity' problem stems from blogs, websites and the media. for some reason human nature loves to see fellow man fail. or look their worst. or find flaws about that person to bring them down. we as a culture raise ourselves up on the demise of others. is it to make ourselves feel better as a person? if you ask me that's a pretty pathetic substance to raise one's own character on. i think the world would flow as a much better place if people minded their own business and worried about themselves. cause at the end of the day the only person who will take care of you is you.