Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Not4nothin's 2006 Thankful List no particular order.

#1. i am thankful that i have my health and at most times, my sanity.
#2. i am thankful that i have a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food in my my apartment cabinets.
#3. i am thankful i no longer live in a red state.
#4. i am thankful my family has not experienced any devastating tragedies i can think of.
#5. i am thankful that the democratic party has taken back power and will hopefully direct this country in the correct direction.
#6. i am thankful my boyfriend moved to nyc, left everything he knew behind and has started a life with me here.
#7. i am thankful that in the 4 months the boyfriend and i have been living together we have not killed one another.
#8. i am thankful for the handful of friends i have in my life who i know i can depend on for anything.
#9. i am thankful i have a 4-day weekend.
#10. i am thankful that one of my best friends took time this summer to go and find herself and that she did it in paris, france.
#11. i am thankful i had the means to go and visit her for a week in paris.
#12. i am thankful that madonna toured this year and that i was able to see her for a 5th time.
#13. i am thankful the yankees swept the red sox in a 5-game series this season despite losing in the playoffs.
#14. i am thankful that the 'media' industry in this country had enough sense and decency to cancel oj's book and tv interview.
#15. i am thankful i had the childhood i had and that my parents raised me with the morals and views that i have today.
#16. i am thankful madonna's concert special is still airing tonight despite editting issues over the crucifixion scene.
#17. i am thankful that netflix was created.
#18. i am thankful for all the men and women in the arm forces who continue to protect our nation and defend our freedoms.
#19. i am thankful for all of the new tv programs abc has put on the air this year. #20. i am thankful that all of the things i have forgotten to mention know i am still thankful.

happy eating!


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